Baby Swing Electric Auto Cradle



Item Name : Baby Swing Electric Auto Cradle

Material : Stainless Steel and Oxford Cloth

Color : Grey

Size : 650mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 665mm (H)

Advantages :

1. This baby swing imitates the shape of a mother’s arms, and strongly supports the baby’s back to protect the baby’s spine.

2. Comes with a remote control to control swing speed, movement, music etc. Parent able to connect with phone bluetooth.

3. Five-point safety belt design, protect the baby’s center of gravity offset, adjustable strap length does not hold the baby, will not affect the baby’s healthy development.

4. 3 timer settings for selection which are 8,15,30 minutes.

5. Mosquito nets protect your baby from mosquitoes.

6. Safety design with rounded & cocooning shape, no sharp edges.

7. Incline feeding mode to prevent congestion and reflux.


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